Monday, December 4, 2017

Event - 2017 Toy Drive!

December has come to take on new meaning for me this year.  While it’s a significant month for us all for various reasons – holidays, the end of a calendar year – it’s been a time that I’ve allowed my lesser-Grinch side peek out from the mountain I tend to keep myself on.  Over the past 22 years, I’m proud to say that I’ve cultivated community here in the Bay Area through the many toy drives that began with live broadcasts at a local radio station and when I left, I took the event with me.  In more than two decades, there have been parties and dinners and quieter years and now the privilege of making people laugh for a cause.  I’ve been blessed to receive help from so many in making these events happen – restaurants (local and chain), friends, colleagues, artists, comedians, and even my chiropractor who give their talent and money and most importantly they have given their time - please see the list below and give your patronage if you can.  It is all tied up in a pretty package by support from our local chapter of the US Marines, who have sent soldiers to join us each and every year. 
While there’s always a need for kindness, I don’t think we’ve ever needed it as much as we do now.  While waiting in breathless anticipation for each end of year celebration and the bringing together of people, we work at keeping the spirit alive in whatever ways we can through our site Angels and Blimps. 

Please consider coming to the party this year.  We promise to make you laugh and send you away with some warm ‘n fuzzies.  Every penny you spend is tax-deductible.  For a small price, you get dinner and a show.  There is always a raffle to win some awesome loot.  And piles of TOYS! 

Join us. 
Purchase your tickets NOW!

or make your DONATION here:


P.F. Changs (Walnut Creek)
The Cheesecake Factory (Walnut Creek)
Danville Harvest (Danville)
Cinemark Theatres (Pleasant Hill)
Performance Chiropractic (Concord)

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