Monday, November 7, 2016

Event - 2016 Toy Drive!

Here in California, we don't have those magical white holidays.  We have to get our snow from a movie or a song or a getaway.  Sometimes it's hard to feel Christmasy when everyone around me is dressed for a warm climate, and it's a tinsel overload before the pumpkins and costumes are put away.  I just can't find my spirit in 70 degree temperature. 

And so I work at it.  And every year I get discouraged, because I too get bogged down with the idea that society is as selfish as the media would like us to believe.  Because by now the generosity of previous years has been drowned out by chaos, summer and the overwhelm of every day life. 

But little by little, as the days cool and the smells become warmer around us, and I begin to put the word out of what is needed to pull off a toy drive, I am reminded that I can't do it alone, nor have I ever had to.  Because the generosity of others begin with small steps and big hearts. 

Every kid deserves a Christmas.

Please consider joining us at our annual event and fundraiser, The Bay Area Collective 2016 Toy Drive.  Dinner and comedy - and all of your money goes directly to the US Marines' Toys For Tots program that has been helping families since 1947.  This year, more than ever, they are in need of monetary donations.  We have a great lineup of comics who have graciously volunteered their time for your entertainment: Stephen Turner, Bob Johnston, Sam Marcoux, and Brian Blanco.  Our host is PF Changs in Walnut Creek.  And there's a raffle!  Please see our list of donors below.

There is no way to do this without community, and I am ever thankful to be a part of this one. 

(PayPal account not required)

If you can't make it to the event but would still like to help, you may do so here:

(PayPal account not required)

All purchases and donations are fully tax-deductible.

Let's do this. 

Donors - please learn more by checking out their sites!

PF Changs (Walnut Creek)
The Cheesecake Factory (Walnut Creek)
Red Lobster (Pittsburg)

Trinity Adler 
Nancy Swing
Russell Sunshine
Jason Warburg
Ayaz Pirani
Marina Romani


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