Monday, September 9, 2013

Mountain Afire

Of all of the elements, Fire is the most dangerous.  She is an angry mistress who will rage with no warning whatsoever, and right now she is claiming our beloved mountain. 

Last night my husband wanted to get in the car and drive around the corner to see the blaze on Mt Diablo, but I declined, as I have already distant memories of seeing the monstrous flames eat away at the wildlife and environment.  I was six years old in 1977 when Dad piled us in the car to see the sight up close and personal. 

Of course, as with all tragedy, a community will come together to remind us that we are all woven together as many do what they can to aid in the efforts of the hundreds of firefighters who have come to the rescue. 

Photo credit:  Penny Sims

According to popular blog site, the Clayton firehouse was deluged with supplies to keep the rescuers going.  Sites have gone up offering shelter and assistance to people and animals alike.  If you have any information to share where people can help, please post in the
comment box below. 

I have friends up on the mountain and even at the base where they've been rained with ash, soot and smoke.  Having had to worry about serious fire in our own neighborhood, I can empathize with what these people are facing.  Please keep residents and rescue workers in your thoughts tonight as you fall asleep safe in your beds. 

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