Tuesday, January 31, 2012

1/31 - Opinionations

So, everyone sees this headline and fifty percent of the bunch blasts the federal park ranger - I'm going to hope it was a knee jerk reaction and that readers really didn't do so after having read the story, but I'm not banking on it. It's just a given in society today that too many see the side of the law as the bad guy (insert ironic joke here), because they're "the man," man.  How unfortunate. 

Apparently, Gary Hesterburg was walking his two dogs off-leash when he was approached by the officer, who tried to detain him in an effort to educate Hesterburg on the leash laws.  The man repeatedly tried to walk away, as well as give a fake name to the ranger.  It was on a repeated attempt of leaving the scene that she pulled out a stun gun and nailed him. 

Here's a thought; don't walk away from a federal officer (or any for that matter) who is detaining you, and don't give falsified information.  I'm constantly amazed at how indignant people get when caught breaking a law or acting inappropiately.  It's not like the officer broke his kneecaps or even arrested him, but he was acting inappropriately! 

I'm certainly no saint myself, but even if I'm breaking a law that I disagree with ("I didn't realize I was going so fast, Officer..."), when I'm caught, I'm caught.  Officers of the law aren't always in the right - far from it.  I've had those experiences too.  But in this case, I can't see a thing wrong.

The following report has come from KTVU.  If the investigation proves that what the witness has stated is true, this will shed a new light on the case and an ammendment to my above opinion. 
Officials To Review Ranger's Use Of Tasing On Dog Walker

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